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The "Stronghold Security Tower™"

A blast certified and ballistic rated modular structure, designed and built by Vigilance Towers,
a division of Nationwide Structures, Inc.

Stronghold Security Tower™
(tower section - interior view)

Security Tower
  Blast Rating

The Stronghold Security Tower™ will protect security forces from the detonation of a very large VBIED at close range.
  • The panel system that forms the tower has been blast tested at peak reflected pressures that are several times greater than 1622 psi, which is the peak reflected pressure caused by the detonation of 500 pounds of TNT at 15 feet.

  • The Stronghold Security Tower™ exceeds, by several orders of magnitude, the blast performance of more conventional structures.

  Tower Construction

The primary construction material is a unique steel StruckSure™ panel system that has been developed, designed, and tested in collaboration with Cellular Materials International (CMI).
  • CMI has conducted extensive live blast testing through DARPA programs and other U.S. Government agency projects. The CMI design group, using this experience in mitigating large blast events, in partership with NSI, has developed the Stronghold Security Tower™.

  Modular Design

Enhances ease of transportation and installation (total installation time is less than 14 days), and site design flexibility.
  • The Stronghold Security Tower™ is installed on a concrete pad, simplifying installation, and enabling rapid relocation if required.

  Observation Deck

Constructed of ballistic rated AR armor plate steel, and can be fabricated to meet 12.7AP or 14.5API protection levels. It includes built-in gun ports fitted to accommodate security force weapons, and oriented to provide a full 360° field of fire.
  • The unique design of the observation deck of the Stronghold Security Tower™ provides exceptional fields of observation and fire.

  Microtruss System

The "microtruss" system has passed blast tests with zero fragment penetration, and no structural failure, at blast loads up to 10X the stated requirement. The Stronghold Security Tower™ exceeds all current seismic, wind, structural and blast requirements.

Depiction of StruckSure™ "microtruss" panel under blast loading.
Blast loading depiction

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